Below you will find links to a selection of articles produced by Baltic Features:

ERR News – The Grave Of The Unknown Estonian
Remembrance Day in the Baltics can be a complicated business

Kyiv Post – Tug Of War Over Ukraine
Predictions for the Vilnius Summit

BNE – Lithuania’s Smear Campaign Against Itself
Worrying crackdown on media in Lithuania

Re:Baltica – A Warning To Whistleblowers
The increasingly strange case against an important whistleblower

France 24 – Birch Juice Season Takes Latvia By Storm
Another AFP story that was syndicated everywhere from South Africa to Malaysia

Le Parisienne – La Seve De Bouleau, Tresor De Lettonie
Version francaise

ERR News – Ansip On Heating
Estonia to make heating bills public?

Le Monde – Secrets Of The Latvian Sauna
French version of my popular ‘pirts’ feature

L’Express – Secrets Of The Latvian Sauna
Et encore une fois…

AFP – Art Of Latvia’s Ritual Saunas
The English version…

Yahoo – Art Of Latvia’s Ritual Saunas
Arabic version…

BNE – Latvia’s Non-Resident Banks A Cause Of Concern
Warning signals on NRDs

AFP – No Peaks? No Problem For Latvia’s Downhill Fans
If you don’t have mountains, grow your own.

Financial Times – Tallinn’s Free Ticket To Ride
Is free public transport all that it seems?

France 24 – Latvia Struggles With Demographic Disaster
Shrinking population and shrinking prospects

Euromoney – Baltics Hail Austerity
Tough times lead to better times 

BNE – IMF Gives Latvia An Upgrade
All is peachy in the post-programme world

BNE – Emigration, Demographics The Next Crisis
Labour shortages and unemployment at the same time?

BNE – Latvia’s Historical Obsession
You’re never far away from an argument about the past… 

BNE – In Veritweet We Trust
IT startup from Latvia with a great idea

BNE – Porta’s Door Is Open
Dynamic new name in the corporate finance sector

AFP – Balanced Budgets The Cure For Euro
Interview with Latvian PM

BNE – Why Latvia Is Not Argentina
Interview with Swedish FinMin Anders Borg

NASDAQ OMX – Guide To Baltic Securities Market
Two introductory features to kick off the indispensable annual guide

Le Figaro – Panique en Lettonie sur Swedbank
Another day, another bank run… 

AFP – Kunden der Swedbank in Lettland
…same thing in German

Business New Europe – Lithuania Polishes The Family Silver
Turning around loss-making state enterprises

Business New Europe – Buyer’s Market For Latvian Banks
Wanna buy a bank? Latvia has loads. 

Business New Europe – Fly Another Day
The incredible saga of airBaltic

Business New Europe – Stark Warnings & Family Values
Contrasting presentations on one day Riga

Business New Europe – The Art of Economic Renaissance
Leaner, keener Baltic economies back on track

Euromoney Emerging Markets – Baltics Back From The Brink
Former basket cases are now poster boys for new austerity

AFP – Latvia Turns  Soviet Military Past Into Tourist Draw
Widely-circulated feature for Agence France-Presse

Business New Europe – Latvia Prepares For Three Way Split
Calling the Latvian election a month in advance…

Business New Europe – Latvian Economy: My Part In Its Downfall
PM Dombrovskis talks about his new book

Business New Europe – Baltic Alternative Market Goes For Gold
First listing for First North Baltic

South Africa Independent – Latvia Increases Green Credentials
Eco-tourism back on the agenda

Business New Europe – Baltic Bank For Sale
Interview with Citadele’s Juris Jakobsons

Business New Europe – The Good Banker
Interview with Christopher Gwilliam of Parex

Business New Europe – Three Of A Kind
Baltic finance ministers display a new understanding

Business New Europe – Re-election Day
Prepare for another dose of Andrus Ansip

Kleine Zeitung – Riga’s He-Hippo Is A She-Hippo
Why two hippos refused to get horny

Trading Markets – Tallinn & Turku Promise Nordic Cooperation
Europe’s twin cultural capitals promise Finno-Ugric fun

Delfi – Last Ticket For The Titanic?
Latvian portal picks up story about Estonian euro entry

South Africa Independent – Estonia Ready To Join Euro
The big day approaches, attracting international interest

ERR News – Best Of Friends
Estonian-Latvian relations on the upswing

Business New Europe – Baltic Equities Listing To One Side
The far-reaching allure of a Warsaw stock exchange listing

Telegraf – What’s The Big Idea?
Opinion piece on the difference between reform and improvement

ERR News – And The Winner Is…
Opinion piece on the problem with awards ceremonies

Business New Europe – Russia’s Steve Jobs
Kaspersky showcases the best in Russian business

Telegraf – Yes, Minister
Lessons to be learned from the Kristovskis affair

Business New Europe – Germans Welcomed Back To The Baltics
Historic ties are being renewed

Telegraf – Waiting For The Tram
Op-ed piece for leading Russian language newspaper

Euromoney – Baltic Pain & Gain
Things are looking up at last

Euromoney – Finance Minister Of The Year
Estonia’s Jurgen Ligi collects a gong

Baltic Business News – Germans Welcomed Back To Baltics
Renewal of strategic ties

Business New Europe – The Latvian Candidate
Results of the Latvian election

M&C – Latvia’s Bespectacled Berslayer
Quick Dombrovskis profile piece

ERR News – South Of The Border, Down Latvia Way
What Latvian election might mean to Estonia

Volksstimme – Letten wählen im Schatten der Finanzkrise
German language election preview

Business New Europe – Latvia At A Crossroads
General election preview

ERR News – Does Estonia Need Some Marxist Thinking?
Groucho’s approach to joining clubs

ERR News – Estonian Way A ‘Very Expensive Model’
Debut feature for Estonian public broadcasting

Business New Europe – Latvia’s Western Bank Looks East
Rietumu and their provocative ad campaign

Alfa Lithuania – Weed All About It
Lithuanian news portal reproduces a BF blog post

Earth Times – Lithuanians Aren’t Kidding About Their Goats
Silly season feature about a goat beauty contest

Earth Times – Estonian ‘Choir Karaoke’ A Hit In China
Another piece of clever marketing from Enterprise Estonia

TASR – Air Traffic Control For Baltic Shipping
Slovak news agency likes this Vilnius summit report

OregonLive – NATO-Russia Cooperation On Missile Defence Possible
Story about the wild east gets picked up in the wild west

China Post – Norwegian Makes World Cup Refugee Ride
Bjorn Heidenstrom’s extraordinary endeavour

Euromoney Emerging Markets – Euro Door Open To Baltics
Estonian accession is good news down south

Business New Europe – Estonia Definitely Maybe Joining Eurozone
Why there’s still a way to go

Earth Times – Estonians Quietly Delighted
Reaction in Tallinn to eurozone decision

Alfa Lithuania – That’s What Gets Results
Lithuanian news channel uses a blog entry

Earth Times – Eurozone Remains Estonia’s Promised Land
Waiting for the big decision on euro adoption

Business New Europe – Ingrida Simonyte interview
Lithuania’s impressive finance minister on future prospects

Earth Times – Latvia Celebrates 20 Years
Two decades of restored freedom

Baltic Business News – German Businesses Back Baltic Recovery
DPA story picked up by the Estonian news portal

Business New Europe – Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seasisde
Parnu’s feelgood financial conference

Business New Europe – Parex: The Good, The Bad & The Comfy
Plans to sell off the bank that nearly broke Latvia

Business New Europe – Dombrovskis’ Year Of Living Dangerously
The first anniversary of the Dombrovskis government

Business New Europe – Latvian Conference Promotes Estonia & Lithuania
How not to woo investors

Business New Europe – IMF’s Top CEE Gunslinger Is Back In Town
Interview with top gun Mark Allen

Earth Times – Latvians Enjoy Positive Power Of Winter Sports
Making the most of  a particularly harsh winter

Earth Times – Riga Riots One Year On
A different kind of protest takes root

Business New Europe – 2010 Preview
The feature that caused the Latvian Finance Minister to change suits!

M&C – Truckers Face Freezing Christmas
The crazy situation on the EU’s eastern border

Business New Europe – Who Turned The Lights Out?
Lithuania prepares to go non-nuclear

Business New Europe – Why ‘Mr Europe’ Could Be Wearing A Dress
Vaira Vike-Freiberga’s run for the top EU job

Lubecker Nachrichten – Scandal In Latvian Football
How a hi-tech UEFA system caught out FK Dinaburg (German)

Business New Europe – Latvia Prepares For Its D-Day
Why the 2010 budget is make-or-break

Business New Europe – Estonia Nudges Nearer To Euro Nirvana
Interview with tight-lipped FinMin Jurgen Ligi

Earth Times – The Day The Balts Stood Still
The Baltic Way 20 years on

South Asian Observer – Soviet Holiday Haven Finds A New Place In The Sun
Feature story that got picked up remarkably widely around the world

Business New Europe – Lithuania’s Thoroughly Modern Multinational
Interview with Ilja Laurs about his refreshing approach to business

Euromoney Emerging Markets – Latvia Hopeful On Relaxed Loan Conditions
Interview with Latvian PM Dombrovskis

TopNews – Baltics Fear New Brain Drain
Second wave of eocnomic emigration looks likely

M&C – Fresh Wave Of Protests In Baltics
Summer of strikes could be in store

Energy Business Review – Nuclear Reactor By 2018
Uncredited and ungrammatical lift of a story produced for dpa

M&C – Lithuania To Keep Flat-Rate Tax
No plans to introduce progressive tax regime

Gulf Times – Latvia’s Russians Celebrate Victory Day
Russians – thousands of ’em!

Newcomers Network – Tough Times Help Riga Rediscover Its German Side
How the Germans are largely sticking with Latvia despite the downturn

Business New Europe – Dombrovskis Tells It Straight
Interview with Europe’s youngest prime minister

Business New Europe – Probably The Best Businessman In The Baltics
How Nils Melngailis has turned around Parex Bank

South African Independent – Police Get Time Off For Smoking Grass
A novel incentive scheme in Latvia

Deutsche Welle – Baltics Remember Their Darkest Hour
Mass deportations of 1949 remembered 60 years on

Peninsula Online – Latvia Split By SS Commemoration
More interest in Latvia from the Gulf

China Post – Capital of Culture Turns Sour
Why Vilnius 2009 came at just the wrong time

Qatar Tribune – Lithuania To Repeat History
Vilnius’ role as European Capital of Culture 2009

Deutsche Welle – Europe’s Most Extreme Economy
Maybe there’s no such thing as bad publicity?

M&C – Baltics Dodge Gas Row
Why it’s not the same as in Ukraine or Bulgaria

Trend News – Estonian President Launches Video Blog
They are crazy about Estonia in Azerbaijan, apparently

eFlux Media – Baltics Look On The Bright Side
Hoping for a happy new year

Baltic Guide – December Business News
Plenty to report on this month…

Baltic Guide – Hot Topics
Sideways look at current events

Business New Europe – Baltic Carbon Capture
How sandy soil could bring future wealth

Monsters & Critics – Fighting Financial Rumours
Rumour upon rumour in Latvia

Deutsche Welle – Baltics in the Danger Zone
Slick German info portal

Deutsche Welle – Lithuanian General Election
With first English interview with new PM

Baltic Guide – Business November 2008
Lighthearted look at the Latvian business world

Baltic Guide – Cri-tick November 2008
Exasperated op-ed piece

Business New Europe – Baltic Banking Bailouts
Anyone likely to follow Parex Banka?

Business New Europe – JT Investments Interview
Diversification the Lithuanian way

Business New Europe – The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth
An unlikely regional giant

Business New Europe – Ainars Slesers Interview
Motormouth minister is always quotable

Business New Europe – Juhan Parts Interview
Why Estonia’s not in the soup

Business New Europe – Micro Lending, Maximum Impact
How small amounts of cash can make a big difference

Business New Europe – Estonia Enters Recession
Estonia leads the way into tougher times

Business Week – Branding the Baltics
The US weekly takes a look at regional identity

Business Week – Lithuania’s Nuclear Hopes
‘Bundling’ when everyone else is ‘unbundling”

Business Week – Showdown Between Baltic Airlines
Seconds away for airBaltic versus FlyLAL

Business Week – Estonia: Cyber Superpower
The smallest Baltic state makes a big noise online

Nation Branding – Riga versus Latvia
In conversation with Ojars Kalnins of the Latvian Institute

City Paper – Simon Anholt Interview
Very intelligent insights from the governmental consultant

Beaten Paths – Legionnaires’ Day in Latvia
Travel website records a bittersweet spectacle

Baltic Outlook – Tallinn
airBaltic’s in-flight magazine

Baltic Outlook – Crimea
airBaltic’s in-flight magazine

Baltic Outlook – Athens
airBaltic’s in-flight magazine

Baltic Outlook – Nice
airBaltic’s in-flight magazine

Baltic Outlook – Paris
airBaltic’s in-flight magazine

Baltic Outlook – Moscow
airBaltic’s in-flight magazine

4car – Europe’s Longest Traffic Jam
A two week wait on the Latvian-Russian border

4car – Driving Across Russia
From imperial grandeur to a gangster graveyard

La sève de bouleau, trésor de Lettonie