Normal Service Will Be Resumed…


Nothing has been posted here for the last few months for the simple reason that I’ve been writing a book. Yes, a proper one, intended to be read via ink and paper rather than the wanly glowing screen before you now.

So, if any publishers out there would like to start the bidding war for this sure-fire international bestseller about, er, some idiots in Latvia – do I really need to say any more – then that would be just dandy. I particularly recommend obtaining the film rights, preferably for a six-figure sum.

Once that’s all taken care of in the next couple of weeks, I’ll be back from the new year with more blog posts – with the usual caveat that they are essentially the stuff that’s either not good enough or not appealing enough to be printed in any real outlets.

Anyway, it’s not as if I’ve missed anything major since my last blog post, other than the dissolution of parliament, a referendum, general election, new government, bank collapse etc.

Meanwhile I’ll still be updating the links to many features that have appeared elsewhere, which you can read by clicking ‘Examples’ above.


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