As It Occurs To Me

Apologies for the long interval since the last post. The machinations surrounding the Latvian general election, which only now are starting to settle down, have kept me quite busy. But now things are becoming calmer, I should have some time to dedicate to maintaining this blog again.

As a writing exercise I will try to post something every day this week to get my mind moving and my fingertips warmed up. It’s an approach that seems to have fared the comedian Richard Herring well. Seven years ago he started a daily blog as a means of overcoming writer’s block, and I have been following it ever since.

A combination of low-level OCD and a realization that the results sometimes came in useful generating new material meanhe is still plugging away and providing daily updates whether he’s on the road, performing or on holiday.

Inevitably the results are uneven and a little repetitive. In common with every blogger in the world, the reader gets some unintentional insight into his vanities and flaws as well as his many virtues. On several occasions I have decided never to read him again after a particularly puerile entry  – and then I do read it again, probably betraying some of the same obsessive/compulsive behaviour as himself.

It’s the little descriptions of odd characters seen on tube trains and otherwise forgettable little towns among the tour dates that make the most interesting reading, and there is a sort of achievement in managing to write a rather public daily diary for the best part of a decade. But undoubtedly the best thing about it is the amount of material it has generated for his scripts and stand-up routines, which frequent readers will be able to spot with that self-satisfied grin of the true aficionado.

So the next few days might contain lots of trivia that will annoy those looking for an inside line on Latvian realpolitik. But ultimately any realpolitik is expressed through the actions of ordinary people who are nearly always more interesting to meet and to read about than the people manning policy institutes, academic research councils and the civil service.

One down, four to go.


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