That Is The Question

Is that all you have to say?

“What’s happening down there? Is that truck stopped on the tram line? Why has it stopped there? Are they stupid or something? Is it stuck? Yes, it’s stuck, isn’t it?

“Haven’t they ever driven a truck before? Haven’t they ever driven in snow before? Haven’t they driven over tram line before? Where have they been living for the last four months? Have they just arrived in the country or something? What have they been doing all this time? Are they trying to push it out of the ruts – just the two of them? Do they really think that will work? Are they crazy?

“Why have they got gas canisters in the back of the truck? You don’t carry gas canisters like that in the back of a truck, do you? I expect the first thing they tell you when they give you a truck is not to carry gas canisters around like that, isn’t it? It should be, shouldn’t it?

“So what are they going to do now? How are the other trams going to get past? They can’t get past, can they? Will everyone be late for work? Well, it will serve them right, won’t it? Why are they just sitting there in the trams? Why don’t the men get out and try to push the truck off the tracks? Why do they just sit there? People today are so lazy, they would have got out and pushed in the old days, don’t you think?

“Are they getting out of the trams at last? They are going to help aren’t they? Did they work it out for themselves or did the driver have to go back and ask them? She shouldn’t have to go back and ask them should she?

“Is it making a difference having them all pushing? Is it moving at last? Did it just move or was that an illusion? I think it is moving, isn’t it? They got it free at last, did they? What do they want, medals or something?

“They’ll think twice next time they try to drive across tram tracks in a truck full of gas canisters, won’t they?”


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