Someone Special

With prime minister Godmanis facing a vote of no confidence in parliament today (which is rather like the inmates of an asylum voting on which of the doctors should be in charge) speculation has inevitably turned to who could replace him if the vote goes against the G-man.

The consensus seems to be that the best person to replace Godmanis is Godmanis, who will be enthroned once again for want of anyone else having the nerve to take over the tiller as Latvia rides before storm in full trim without map or sextant.

Yet it seems a potential leader has been in our midst all the time. This outstanding individual was earmarked for glory by those who deem themselves experts in such matters four years ago.

Our hero is fluent in several languages, seems to enjoy something of a James Bond lifestyle and is clearly the right stuff for high office. His name is somewhat similar to an existing cabinet minister, but don’t let that fool you – this is clearly a leader of much higher calibre.

To find out who can rescue the nation, click here.


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