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Baltic Features will be there - will you?

We'll be there - will you?

Here’s a reminder that despite the economic woes lined up for the region in 2009, it won’t be all sackcloth and ashes next year.

Lithuanians have a reputation as both the most spontaneous and the most laid-back of the Baltic nations, so it’s a stroke of luck that next year Vilnius will be one of two European Capitals of Culture (Linz in Austria being the other, as if anyone cares).

The programme of events already looks very interesting and, breaking with the trendy modern way of doing things, even contains quite a few items of ‘high’ (i.e. proper) culture such as symphonic concerts, literary festivals and the like rather than the graffiti and fashion shows featuring footballers’ wives that ‘community facilitators’ and the like prefer to organise.

So if you get a chance to visit Vilnius next year, make sure you do.

You can find more details here.


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