Staggeringly Stupid

If you need a definition of a “lose-lose” situation, allow me to point you in the direction of this release which staggered into view today.

Apparently Riga is the “new” stag party capital of Europe – just like it was four or five years ago.

Riga – Europe’s New Stag Party Capital

Anyone actually taken in by this rubbish is in for a rude – and I use the term advisedly – awakening when they take to the cobblestoned streets in search of “hot” Latvian ladies.

The bit about cheap beer and taxis is particularly hilarious. When the nearly worthless penny drops and the inebriate Brits realise that not only can they not afford anything but also everyone seems to hate them, at least they will have the option of escaping to Vilnius, which sounds like it is probably a suburb of Riga.

As all Brits are genetically predisposed to believe everything the state-sponsored BBC says, maybe they’d be better off reading this:

Latvia’s Economic Boom Turns Sour


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